髙地二郎(こうち じろう 1927年 - 2010年)


*天賞堂: 創業明治12年 (1879年)の銀座の老舗。貴金属及び宝飾、時計、鉄道などの模型、記念品、表彰品の製造・販売。

Jiro Kochi(1927 - 2010)

Photography enthusiast, raised in Tokyo. After graduating from Meiji University in 1950, Jiro spent 40 years working for Tenshodo* in Ginza, until retiring in 1990. From a young age, he was fascinated by cameras and airplanes. He took pictures with a camera he made himself and was so knowledgeable about airplanes that his classmates nicknamed him “Professor Airplane”. While working for Tenshodo, he often visited his favorite camera shops in Ginza and used various models of secondhand cameras. He was an especially devoted fan of Leica, regularly using over twenty different Leica models. He would bring a camera to work every day and continually took photographs capturing scenes of his commute and Ginza for forty years.

*Tenshodo: Founded in 1879, Tenshodo is a long-standing business in Ginza producing and selling items such as precious metals and jewelry, watches, model trains, commemorative gifts, trophies and medals.



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髙地治子(こうち はるこ)
海外に憧れ、⽇商岩井 (現 双⽇) カイロ⽀店 (2年間) と農林中央⾦庫シンガポール⽀店 (24年間) での海外勤務経験を持つ。

Haruko Kochi
Eldest daughter of Jiro Kochi, born and currently residing in Tokyo.
Haruko is the family’s self-appointed archivist.
Interested in living overseas, she worked for Cairo Office of Nissho Iwai Corporation (now Sojitz Corporation) for two years and the Singapore Branch of The Norinchukin Bank for 24 years, returning to Japan at the end of 2020.